Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Daughter Got Talent


Ok. I was probably wrong about putting pictures into my blog entries but I think it would not matter much because pictures, truly speaks louder than words.

My daughter took this picture of the Gumamela flower when we went on a vacation last December 2007. I was experimenting with her excitement as she was so eager at shooting any subjects she could find around her the moment she got hold of the digital camera.

My family went and spent a week of get away three days before I came back to Dubai. Very memorable week. We dipped, all of us, into the pool almost the whole day and almost everyday of that week while we were in that place.

Definitely, I'm going to treat them back to a beach cottage in Samal - if ever I'm going to come home one of these days.

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Bruce said...

I know how it is being away from your family. More so for you since you have kids. I only left behind my mother who I lived near and a brother who I have little or no contact with.
I hope when you come back to visit, I can meet you in person.

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