Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tiny Update

Well, it has been a while since I have felt comfortable taking the time to blog again. The current update is that I now once again engaged into home based software engagements. The routine is quite succombing and I have to learn a few things to get me technical things updated. I have to catch up with the phase nowadays.

When I have a chance and after things slow down here I'll be posting more regularly again.

Catch ya later.. and hasta la vista bloggers!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All in Today’s Work

DSC033951. We’re almost done. We’ll finalize few things first. Eg. Glossary of business terms, Class diagrams and the Business rules. Then only may start coding the thing.

2. I was told late today, we’re going to move out into this new place again. This time, each one will have his own kitchen, bathroom, small living room and bedroom. Good because we’re near at the center of the city. Shops are nearby. Not really great shops but just some place basic goods are sold.

3. I’m struggling to learn new .net techs today. Now, really striving to master MVVM. It’s great for doing Silverlight stuff. I am now convinced this new stuff is really a good thing to do programming. I will now see things done with patterns. Something that was exactly missing during my previous years in programming.

4. I’m hungry and haven’t cooked dinner yet. Hmmm. Something just came into me! I’m going to just oven-heat some left-overs.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strolling Mahe

So I ultimately decided to attend Catholic mass today. Something I would have done so many days ago. Meet a few guys there. A colleague at the office, Saji. My boss’ brother, Paul. Meet several ‘kababayans’ as well. A Filipino family; with their children and co-workers.
There’s Cory. She’s been here for more than thirteen years already. They were mostly from Zamboanga. Mga Chabakanos. Among other ladies, who I actually forgot their names. They were friendly. The would later invite me to their place. On the other side of the island. A place they called, Providence.
The mass was modest. I had problem hearing the priest but otherwise OK. The sermon was inspiring. I didn’t mind I’m inside the Catholic church. I offered my prayer. A thankful prayer. I have a strong belief that, where Christ is worshipped and esteemed, so does He resides in the hearts of the people who fellowshipped and communed with Him.
DSC03331At the Providence, there were indeed a handful of the ‘kababayans’. Liquor is a past time here. Invited me in for dinner and enjoyed the conversations with them. Something I haven’t done in a while.  At least I had a couple bottles of beer. Coming home was quite difficult. We had to call a Seselloi friend to bring me and Detoi home. He was mildly drunk.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Near the English River

My stay in Beau Vallon, only lasted three days though. Yesterday, Wednesday, me and a Ukranian colleague, Dima were brought to check out this place that would then become our accommodation for a year or so. It was of course comfortable and safe. The situation is not near the beach though but we could just take a bus ride to the north of the island and perhaps plunge or cast a fish line.

DSC03335  The balcony is exactly facing east, where the sun would rise during the morning. So there’s this frequent thoughts of home and the people I left behind in exchange for this temporary solitude. I felt like an exile; thrown out from the comfort of family in exchange for an opportunity to improve our lives back home.

I usually wake-up at five or six and go directly to switch on the electric kettle. I would then pour a cup of coffee alongside oven-heated dinner’s left-over or a toasted bread on a butter spread. I adapt to eating this thing because it’s fast to prepare and am not a good cook. I would then drag myself to observe the morning hazel in the horizon. I always wonder what has been going on back home right this moment as I stare blankly into that horizon. Adding to the longing is the sight here where everywhere you look is much similar back home – especially the vegetations.

DSC03376Downstairs lives a very nice couple who of course own this house. They would prefer to be called their first names like Mejee or Gerald. As I always not comfortable calling first names with people who are a lot senior to me – I occasionally calls them Mr. & Mrs. Gerald or Maam. Being Sesellois (pronounced, ‘seselwa’), they were indeed warm people with very strong and nice English accent. Good! I will polish my English here.

A little far off higher ground stood their daughter’s house who we call, Ms. Joan. She lived with her children now. And I guess a dog they call Scrappy. I’m usually amused to hear Mejee calling the dog during the morning. I would remember Srappy Coco of “You Can Not Mess with the Zohan” movie.

DSC03657We even went to shop for groceries yesterday and got a taste for myself on how expensive the stocks here nowadays. Well, I’m no stranger to this situation – a lot like home too. For eight hundred Rupees, I only got stocks that’d run for almost two weeks consumption. I will post later on the details of the prices here. Besides, I will have a lot of times learning the ways of the citizens which includes coping up with the economy. :-)

During the first two weeks, we would walk our way to the office. A mile walk. So that I am wet all over by the time we get to the office. I made it a habit to take an extra shirt to avoid me getting ill. A colleague of ours, Emmanuel with his family were kind enough to have offered us a ride to bring us along to the office tough. They usually hit the road at seven thirty to bring their daughter to school.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Evening at the Sun Hotel

DSC03314I will remember this place. Absolutely. It may not be the best place or hotel in Seychelles but this place just made these tiny few days welcoming. Well, it’s past ten o’clock already and I’m still awake. I can’t sleep. I kept thinking of the guys back home – the kids and the wife.

Even though alone and has thought of them so often to be here with me, I think of it as a blessing – right this moment.  There is this deafening calm at this hour and the torturing homesickness.

I haven’t even got my SIM pack yet so I’m unable to call home. I can only hear the the gnats, an owl and the rambling of the seas a distant from my place.

I meetMr. K K Chua today. He is a visitor too. Few tables a part, we’ve been exchanging waving of hands a few days occasionally. That was during our meals – courtesy of the company I will work for starting tomorrow.

Two Asians in this same island. Mr. Chua is a Singaporean supplier/contractor who is on this business trip to meet with Seselois clients. Comes here more so often with family and sometimes alone.


Dima’s place is just across the pool - like in this picture. Mostly, he is quite though friendly. He came from Ukraine and was hired to work for like six months.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. We were to move out to this new accommodation near the English channel the locals call it.

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