Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All in Today’s Work

DSC033951. We’re almost done. We’ll finalize few things first. Eg. Glossary of business terms, Class diagrams and the Business rules. Then only may start coding the thing.

2. I was told late today, we’re going to move out into this new place again. This time, each one will have his own kitchen, bathroom, small living room and bedroom. Good because we’re near at the center of the city. Shops are nearby. Not really great shops but just some place basic goods are sold.

3. I’m struggling to learn new .net techs today. Now, really striving to master MVVM. It’s great for doing Silverlight stuff. I am now convinced this new stuff is really a good thing to do programming. I will now see things done with patterns. Something that was exactly missing during my previous years in programming.

4. I’m hungry and haven’t cooked dinner yet. Hmmm. Something just came into me! I’m going to just oven-heat some left-overs.

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darlene said...

hello james,
good to hear that you've coping up. well there's nothing new its the same experienced we've been through specially when apart from our loving family...we need to live by our own...no one to take care of our basic needs. buts of course we got used to it.


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