Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strolling Mahe

So I ultimately decided to attend Catholic mass today. Something I would have done so many days ago. Meet a few guys there. A colleague at the office, Saji. My boss’ brother, Paul. Meet several ‘kababayans’ as well. A Filipino family; with their children and co-workers.
There’s Cory. She’s been here for more than thirteen years already. They were mostly from Zamboanga. Mga Chabakanos. Among other ladies, who I actually forgot their names. They were friendly. The would later invite me to their place. On the other side of the island. A place they called, Providence.
The mass was modest. I had problem hearing the priest but otherwise OK. The sermon was inspiring. I didn’t mind I’m inside the Catholic church. I offered my prayer. A thankful prayer. I have a strong belief that, where Christ is worshipped and esteemed, so does He resides in the hearts of the people who fellowshipped and communed with Him.
DSC03331At the Providence, there were indeed a handful of the ‘kababayans’. Liquor is a past time here. Invited me in for dinner and enjoyed the conversations with them. Something I haven’t done in a while.  At least I had a couple bottles of beer. Coming home was quite difficult. We had to call a Seselloi friend to bring me and Detoi home. He was mildly drunk.

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