Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Near the English River

My stay in Beau Vallon, only lasted three days though. Yesterday, Wednesday, me and a Ukranian colleague, Dima were brought to check out this place that would then become our accommodation for a year or so. It was of course comfortable and safe. The situation is not near the beach though but we could just take a bus ride to the north of the island and perhaps plunge or cast a fish line.

DSC03335  The balcony is exactly facing east, where the sun would rise during the morning. So there’s this frequent thoughts of home and the people I left behind in exchange for this temporary solitude. I felt like an exile; thrown out from the comfort of family in exchange for an opportunity to improve our lives back home.

I usually wake-up at five or six and go directly to switch on the electric kettle. I would then pour a cup of coffee alongside oven-heated dinner’s left-over or a toasted bread on a butter spread. I adapt to eating this thing because it’s fast to prepare and am not a good cook. I would then drag myself to observe the morning hazel in the horizon. I always wonder what has been going on back home right this moment as I stare blankly into that horizon. Adding to the longing is the sight here where everywhere you look is much similar back home – especially the vegetations.

DSC03376Downstairs lives a very nice couple who of course own this house. They would prefer to be called their first names like Mejee or Gerald. As I always not comfortable calling first names with people who are a lot senior to me – I occasionally calls them Mr. & Mrs. Gerald or Maam. Being Sesellois (pronounced, ‘seselwa’), they were indeed warm people with very strong and nice English accent. Good! I will polish my English here.

A little far off higher ground stood their daughter’s house who we call, Ms. Joan. She lived with her children now. And I guess a dog they call Scrappy. I’m usually amused to hear Mejee calling the dog during the morning. I would remember Srappy Coco of “You Can Not Mess with the Zohan” movie.

DSC03657We even went to shop for groceries yesterday and got a taste for myself on how expensive the stocks here nowadays. Well, I’m no stranger to this situation – a lot like home too. For eight hundred Rupees, I only got stocks that’d run for almost two weeks consumption. I will post later on the details of the prices here. Besides, I will have a lot of times learning the ways of the citizens which includes coping up with the economy. :-)

During the first two weeks, we would walk our way to the office. A mile walk. So that I am wet all over by the time we get to the office. I made it a habit to take an extra shirt to avoid me getting ill. A colleague of ours, Emmanuel with his family were kind enough to have offered us a ride to bring us along to the office tough. They usually hit the road at seven thirty to bring their daughter to school.

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