Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Evening at the Sun Hotel

DSC03314I will remember this place. Absolutely. It may not be the best place or hotel in Seychelles but this place just made these tiny few days welcoming. Well, it’s past ten o’clock already and I’m still awake. I can’t sleep. I kept thinking of the guys back home – the kids and the wife.

Even though alone and has thought of them so often to be here with me, I think of it as a blessing – right this moment.  There is this deafening calm at this hour and the torturing homesickness.

I haven’t even got my SIM pack yet so I’m unable to call home. I can only hear the the gnats, an owl and the rambling of the seas a distant from my place.

I meetMr. K K Chua today. He is a visitor too. Few tables a part, we’ve been exchanging waving of hands a few days occasionally. That was during our meals – courtesy of the company I will work for starting tomorrow.

Two Asians in this same island. Mr. Chua is a Singaporean supplier/contractor who is on this business trip to meet with Seselois clients. Comes here more so often with family and sometimes alone.


Dima’s place is just across the pool - like in this picture. Mostly, he is quite though friendly. He came from Ukraine and was hired to work for like six months.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. We were to move out to this new accommodation near the English channel the locals call it.

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